How to Maximizing Your Style with Popilush's Built-In Shapewear Dresses?

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Dresses are pieces loved by women because they enhance feminine energy by enhancing the curves of your body, making it freer.

Versatility makes it easier to dress the way you dress on a daily basis or even for a special event. Therefore, by investing in a look built in shapewear clothing you gain ways to maximize your style assertively.

midi dress formal bodycon party. dok : Popilush

How do I know which dress models suit me best?

It's important to know your body type. This will make it easier to choose the best dress models that can perfectly align your curves. Furthermore, understand what type of clothing makes you most comfortable to carry out your daily activities with confidence.

For the inverted triangle shape, it is interesting to invest in dresses that highlight the shoulders and straight skirts. For the triangular shape, V necklines are perfect, as they enlarge the breast area and balance the silhouette. If you want to innovate and display charm in a formal style, you can wear a well-designed hairstyle and take advantage of a model with a V-cut in the back, showing off a softer, curvier region.

The mesh reinforcement provides better structure for the belly area, making it an interesting choice for hourglass body shapes where you can highlight the waist area to create a strategic look. The dividing line in a shapewear dress can be interesting for the oval shape, as it will give a slimmer and more elongated shape.

maxi lounge dress shaping slip. dok : Popilush

What type of shapewear dress can make me feel more confident?

When choosing clothes, don't forget to invest in pieces that make you feel good about your body. Therefore, a maxi dress with built in shapewear can be a great option for different events.

Choose a fabric that is breathable so you don't worry about clothes making you stuffy. Elasticity is also important to make you feel even more beautiful and confident in your body.

Therefore, pieces made with highly elastic modal fabric are easier to adapt comfortably to different body types. The built-in bra with removable cups provides interesting support for the upper body. The double layer in the waist area guarantees a beautiful shape.


Thong bodysuit formal bodycon party summer dress. dok : Popilush

Depending on the event, invest in different proposals such as a maxi dress with shiny fabric, off-the-shoulder or with ruffles at the bottom to create a seductive look inspired by the Marmaidcore style.

Don't be afraid to invest in accessories

They enhance your look and give you the appearance of a more put-together woman, even if your look is an uplifting version of your basics and essentials. Therefore, a shaping dress can have different versions if combined with items you already have in your closet. It could be a straight cut dress combined with animal print or textured shoes.

Midi length dresses go very well with elongated ankle boots. It is possible to have the lines on your legs highlighted if you invest in a dress with shapewear mesh that is sculpted and has a side slit. In addition to these resources, you can opt for a shoe with a shade very close to your skin color for an even more elongated effect. Don't be afraid to add earrings, necklace, hat or even accessories around your neck to stand out.

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